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OUR HOME - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPOT IN THE UNIVERSE, at least to my human eyes. Planet Earth will be here and gone in a tick, but in that infinitely small sliver of time, maybe we can make a difference? I have no idea who would be around to see that difference, but we have each other now, don't we.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

US House of Reresenta-Pervs

Foley may be lots of things, but dragging in the FBI is a bare assed political ploy to recruit votes from GWB's crazy right wing and sacrifice Foley in the ceremony. All the guy did was email kids. Let's see -- oh yeah, he's the worst criminal we have, or is he another sad case of a guv'mint creating a decoy?

Hey, come on; this game is older than Pontias Pilate, and by now if Americans can't see it for what it is, we're in deep do doo as a nation.

And for this we need the FBI? I wonder what the Bureau would have done if J Edgar's collection of drag gowns showed up.

As I watch the antics of both political parties, I understand why the law provides for a court to take a hands-off position when both parties to a lawsuit are a couple of scoundrels, and neither deserves satisfaction from the other.


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