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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Missing The Cheyenne Diner

I am so sorry to hear Cheyenne is still bogged down where it is. I only hope they don't tear it down. For me it was a hit on every count. Ease of parking at four a.m. after disco, good reliable food, decent prices, friendly service, and a teriffic spot to share with and get to know new friends before heading off into the mysterious night. New York secrets are fast evaporating, thanks in large part to mister Mayor and his developer buddies. Given the current tax load, this city needs revenues, and empty lots with old diners on them don't generate enough real estate taxes.

I don't blame Ming or the other diner for trying to advertise on the sleeping walls. An empty building is fair game in Manhattan; it's not the holy grail. As to its moving to Red Hook, well I don't give a dirty rodent's behind for Red Hook; they don't live near me. That's far from saving Cheyenne, if it's not available to the old patrons. Brooklyn may as well be Beijing.

Beyond the buildings is one precious species which is now in deep doo doo danger of extinction: The New Yorker.


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