Just one Earthling

OUR HOME - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPOT IN THE UNIVERSE, at least to my human eyes. Planet Earth will be here and gone in a tick, but in that infinitely small sliver of time, maybe we can make a difference? I have no idea who would be around to see that difference, but we have each other now, don't we.

Friday, September 08, 2006

NPR news announces Bush wants to get the world's banks to stem the flow of funds to Iran, one of the largest oil producers. He's joking, right? He has to be. How does he imagine the rest of the cold world is going to heat its chilly ass this winter unless they buy oil, and how then will Iran get paid, if not in the gold of us infidels? The guy is dreaming, and now he's trying to sing a lulaby to his core of voters. They have to be asleep; they elected him. Does it bother you that the world likes Americans as individuals, but hates us as a nation?

This is my first shot at a blog; I'm thinking about food here, about love of life and the pleasures that good eating and cooking bring, but these dark thoughts of power grabbing, murders and just plain looting of the US treasury by our electeds bums me, so I have to occasionally talk about that too, or I'll go nuts.