Just one Earthling

OUR HOME - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPOT IN THE UNIVERSE, at least to my human eyes. Planet Earth will be here and gone in a tick, but in that infinitely small sliver of time, maybe we can make a difference? I have no idea who would be around to see that difference, but we have each other now, don't we.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Where's the real war?

Rumsfeld's Army is busily - and futilely - shooting at insurgents, but the supply of weapons and men seems endless. Does anyone know where the guns they all carry are coming from? Someone has to be selling the weapons to the Islams; it's usually the French, yet so far no one has thought of cutting off the supply.

I watched a WW II movie where the Brits bomb a heavy water factory and shipment. It made sense then, but now, nothing makes sense.

US House of Reresenta-Pervs

Foley may be lots of things, but dragging in the FBI is a bare assed political ploy to recruit votes from GWB's crazy right wing and sacrifice Foley in the ceremony. All the guy did was email kids. Let's see -- oh yeah, he's the worst criminal we have, or is he another sad case of a guv'mint creating a decoy?

Hey, come on; this game is older than Pontias Pilate, and by now if Americans can't see it for what it is, we're in deep do doo as a nation.

And for this we need the FBI? I wonder what the Bureau would have done if J Edgar's collection of drag gowns showed up.

As I watch the antics of both political parties, I understand why the law provides for a court to take a hands-off position when both parties to a lawsuit are a couple of scoundrels, and neither deserves satisfaction from the other.