Just one Earthling

OUR HOME - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPOT IN THE UNIVERSE, at least to my human eyes. Planet Earth will be here and gone in a tick, but in that infinitely small sliver of time, maybe we can make a difference? I have no idea who would be around to see that difference, but we have each other now, don't we.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"Yes you are, no I'm not, yes you are, NO I'M NOT!" ...ad nauseum. And just as I'm about to puke, CNN alerts its viewers: the president of Iran is about to speak... Like big fucking deal.

The guy, looking more like a desperate rug dealer than a head of state, stands in front of the barely populated United Nations General Assembly chamber, preening himself with his wordcrafted words, as though speaking them means he actually has anything to say. He doesn't, nothing worth listening to anyway; it's just the same warmed over shit they all spew out.

He's accusing the UN of having no balls, and I have to agree there. They are no effing good at anything, but the world hasn't come up with anything better. There will always be corruption and people on the take. I just wish they'd open up shop somewhere else, like Dubai, or somewhere the citizens of the host city don't have to suffer twice--paying for the increased security with not a dime of compensation from the feds, and the agony of perpetual gridlock.

Just aside, the city ought to tax the federal gov't whenever George pays us a visit, and whenever the UN has a gathering. Oh, and while I'm at it, take away the tax free cards these bums pass around when they make purchases here. And tow their fucking cars when they abuse parking--just like the rest of us. The way these jerks act when they're here, it just irks me, talk about brass balls. Talk about rude.

Back to our friend; he's still ranting. He's the pot calling the kettle (that's us) black. This is the man, you will remember, who announced he is Allah's chosen agent to initiate Armageddon--the end of the world.

Bush is the best possible target for his invective, but no one's hands are clean. I wish that part of his case weren't true, but it is. But by no means does that mean his are in any way more so. He aptly points out how useless the UN is, which makes one realize why Bush and Company tend to disregard it, and go their own way with other roads of diplomacy, and force.

Two bad guys duking it out on the world stage, and who really gives a shit what either of them has to say. Not me.