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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Low Unemployment: The Big Lie

When Bush tells you the unemployment rates are dropping - as though he actually did something good, take a close look at what the numbers really mean. Figures don't lie, but liars figure. The numbers only tell you how many people are not working AND who are currently registered as unemployed.

Now this is tricky, so let me try to explain: Say for example I lost my job, applied for unemployment insurance, got benefits but still remain unemployed. Eventually the insurance runs out. Now I'm still not working, still broke as dirt, but since my benefits ran out, I'm off the unemployment list. Since they do not include me me any longer, there is one less person considered by these liars as being unemployed. You get it?

There are zillions of people who are not working, not getting any benefits or welfare, and who are invisible to the statistics. This makes the government look good. This is exactly the kind of lie they feed us every day of our lives. The water is okay to drink, the air is perfect, even though two buildings just crumbled to dust and are still burning beneath the ground, and oh yeah, the radiation on Staten Island, reported by the feds a year ago, and just now made public, isn't really that dangerous to humans. Love Canal style crap.

Joseph Stalin, of all people, said,
"It's not who votes, but who counts them that matters".

Draw your own conclusion.


Ryan White on the mat again.

Senator Frist Says Pass Ryan White Act Now
September 15, 2006—Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn) penned an editorial today in the
Buffalo News criticizing both New York Senators, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charles Schumer, for attempting to block the current draft of the federal Ryan White AIDS-services act. Frist said their actions will hurt positive people outside urban centers, adding that while New York City stands to lose funds under the current draft, smaller cities like Buffalo will get bigger bucks.

Well guys, here we go again. Good old boy Bill Frist is again trying to screw us evil New Yorkers. The man is on my list as the first one whose head ought to get lobbed off once the elections are held.

New York (city) most certainly deserves the money because we are a magnet for HIV positive people in states like his who only get lousy care, and would continue in their rotten ways no matter how much Ryan White money they got. The word is out that you can get good care here in NYC, and even better in San Francisco. Let’s face it, though, Ryan is now deployed (don’t you just love that Rumsfeld word) fighting a war in Iraq.